The National Writing Project (NWP)  promotes school-wide, cross-curricular writing supported by a teachers-teaching-teachers model of professional development. The mission of the National Writing Project is to improve student writing and learning in kindergarten through university classrooms by recognizing the primary importance of teacher knowledge, expertise, and leadership. 

Housed on the beautiful campus of Northwestern State University since 2004, the NSU Writing Project has partnered with school districts and teachers in North-Central Louisiana to provide professional development, to be teaching colleagues, to consult about effective literacy practice, and to share resources. The goals of our site in supporting NWP's mission are to improve student writing and learning in kindergarten through university classrooms, to extend the uses of writing in all disciplines to provide schools, colleges, and universitities with an effective professional development model, and to identify, celebrate, and enhance the professional role of successful classroom teachers.


NSU Writing Project (NSUWP) Belief Statements:

  • The best teachers of writing are writers themselves.

  • Teachers provide the best instruction for other teachers.

  • Anyone, no matter his/her ability level, can improve his/her writing in a supportive context with other practicing writers.

  • True school reform comes through democratic partnerships across grade levels and subject areas.

  • Teachers, students, and communities benefit when teachers form networks with other teachers and draw on collective expertise.